Large and detailed plan of Macao
By BARROW, John , 1796

A Plan of the City and Harbour of Macao a Colony of the Portuguese situated at the southern extremity of the Chinese Empire in Lat. 22,,12,,44,, N. Long. 113.35.0 East of Greenwich.

Asia China
  • 作者: BARROW, John
  • 出版地: London
  • 出版商: Published by George Nicol
  • 发布日期: April the 12th, 1796.
  • 物理描述: Hand-coloured, double-page engraved chart, a few minor tears to margins skilfully repaired.
  • 方面: 740 by 560mm (29.25 by 22 inches).
  • 库存参考: 1232


The plan was published in George Staunton’s ‘An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China’, a work which recorded Britain’s first official embassy to China, headed by Lord Macartney, in 1792. The plan is upon a scale of 1000 yards to 3.5 inches, and not only shows the city in great detail but also gives information on soundings and seabed notation. Beneath the title is a 37-point key listing forts, parishes, colleges, convents, chapels, and other buildings and places ‘most remarkable’. Among the more remarkable buildings are Sang-miau a Chinese Temple, the English Factory, and the Island of Isla Verde.