A map of Japan from the 'Imperial Atlas'
By WELLER, Edward , 1880


Asia Japan
  • 作者: WELLER, Edward
  • 出版地: Glasgow, Edinburgh & London
  • 出版商: Blackie & Son
  • 发布日期: c1860
  • 物理描述: Engraved map printed in colours, inset of Yeddo Bay (Tokyo).
  • 方面: 385 by 290mm. (15.25 by 11.5 inches).
  • 库存参考: 15838


A map of Japan, from the ‘Imperial Atlas’. A table below the scale bar provides the English translation of Japanese geographical terms.

Blackie and Son was a publishing house based in Glasgow and London from 1890 to 1991. The ‘Imperial Atlas’ was a political atlas published in multiple editions.

Edward Weller (1819-1884) was a British engraver and cartographer, and pioneered the production of lithographed maps.


  1. State 3 inset of Yeddo Bay added, and reference of divisions above title.