A unique nineteenth century nautical instrument maker's shop sign
By Anonymous , 1825

[Shop sign]

  • 作者: Anonymous
  • 出版地: [London
  • 发布日期: c.1825-51]
  • 物理描述: Heavily polychromed yellow pine in the form of an over-sized octant, inscriped on the 'T' bar: Stevens Lon[don].
  • 方面: 1120 by 940mm (44 by 37 inches).
  • 库存参考: 2398


There are two candidates for the original owner of this sign: Jeremiah Stevens (fl.1825-1840) or William Henry Stevens (fl.1849-1851).

Jeremiah Stevens was a member of the Goldsmith’s Company and was recorded as a Mathematical and Philosophical Instrument Makeer located at 5, Green Arbour Court, Doctor’s Commons, London, in 1825, and at 2, Bell Court, Doctor’s Commons, London for the period 1831-1840. He served his apprenticeship under William Birkwood as from 1809.