All creatures great and small
By HOLLAR, Wenceslaus , 1663

Animalium, ferarum, et bestiarum florum, fructuum, muscarum, vermiumque icones variae, omnes ad vivum delineatae

Natural History, Science & Medicine
  • 作者: HOLLAR, Wenceslaus
  • 出版地: London
  • 出版商: Peter Stent
  • 发布日期: 1663.
  • 物理描述: Small oblong album (244 by 335mm) containing a set of 12 etchings (title and 11 plates) tipped in to wove paper album sheets mounted on vellum guards, bound in half brown morocco with rectangular lettering piece to upper cover, together with two additional plates, loosely inserted: title
  • 方面: 244 by 335mm. (9.5 by 13.25 inches).
  • 库存参考: 18274


In 1663, Peter Stent published a collection of Hollar’s etchings of “Beasts, Flowers Fruits, butterflies, & other Vermine, Exactly drawne after ye life & naturall”. The work was comprised of 11 horizontal plates, including the extravagant title page, all of which show at least one animal and numerous plants. The creatures range from everyday, with butterflies and swans, to the exotic, with lions and elepants, to even the mythical, with the first plate showing a griffin. All the main examples of flora and fauna are identified by name in English, some accompanied also by the Latin equivalent. The title page shows a menagerie of wild animals, including monkeys, boars and a unicorn, gathered outside the gates to an extensive walled garden comprising 32 rectangular flower beds; this may represent the exotic menagerie and private gardens said to have been established by King Solomon in ancient Jerusalem, of which Hollar, who created numerous Biblical maps and views, would have been well aware.

The plates are:
1. [Title] – two states: Pennington 2064 ii (with the words “booke” and “liffe” corrected to “book” and “life), and iii (with the imprint of John Overton), loosely inserted.
2. [Leopard and flowers] – Pennington 2065 i.
3. [Elephant and flowers] – two prints, both Pennington 2066 ii (with the addition of Latin names), one loosely inserted with traces at elephant’s foot.
4. [A peony] – Pennington 2067 ii.
5. [Lion and tulip] – Pennington 2068 (only state, engraved by John Dunstall).
6. [Camel and giraffe] – Pennington 2069 (only state, engraved by David Loggan).
7. [Wolf] – Pennington 2070 (only state, engraved by Peter Williamson).
8. [Goose and lilies] – Pennington 2071 (only state, engraved by Peter Williamson).
9. [Bear and cherries] – Pennington 2072 (only state).
10. [Boar and mastiff] – Pennington 2073 (only state).
11. [A griffin] – Pennington 2074 (only state).
12. [A horse] – Pennington 2075(only state).


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  2. Pennington 2064-75.