'The XIII United States of America'

[German Atlas of the World].

  • 出版地: [Germany
  • 发布日期: 1783-1789].
  • 物理描述: 42 engraved sketch maps, all backed on linen and edged in green cloth, each map (except from the world map) with key below, manuscript annotations to a few maps, in original chemise, and housed in original marbled-paper, slipcase, rubbed.
  • 方面: (world map) 190 by 270mm. (7.5 by 10.75 inches); (all other maps) 190 by 135mm (7.5 by 5.25 inches).
  • 库存参考: 12247


An unrecorded German world atlas.

The present work consists of 42 maps of the world: a world map; 31 maps of Europe; one of the African continent; six covering Asia; and three of the Americas. Each one bears a key below the map with a numerical list of the countries and regions shown on the map. The atlas, being German, is heavily weighted to maps of the The Holy Roman Empire and Central Europe – with 14 of the maps focusing on the area. There are also maps of the newly formed United States; China; Iran; Russia; and the Pacific Rim.

Although the atlas is not dated and bears no imprint, an approximate date range can be ascertained from the political information on the maps. The map of the Thirteen Colonies is titled ‘Die XIII vereingte Staaten von Nord America’ (The Thirteen United States of North America). The Thirteen Colonies were recognised as United at the Treaty of Paris in 1783. They became Fourteen, in 1789, when Vermont was accepted into the Union. This date is reinforced by the political makeup of the map of Poland, which shows the country between the First (1772) and the Second (1793) partitions.

We are unable to trace any institutional example of the present work.

List of maps

1. [World] Erd-Kugel – double-page.
2. [Europe] Europa.
3. [Spain and Portugal] Portugal und Spainen.
4. [France] Frankreich.
5. [Hungary] Ungarn.
6. [Italy] Italien.
7. [Northern Italy] Ober italien.
8. [Central Italy] Mittlere Italien.
9. [Southern Italy] Unter Italien.
10. [Great Britain] Gros Britannien und Irland.
11. [Sweden and Norway] Schweden und Norwegen.
12. [Denmark] Daenemark.
13. [Switzerland] Helvetien.
14. [The Netherlands] Vereinigte Nierderlande.
15. [Belgium and Luxemberg] Die Oestreichsche Niederlande.
16. [Germany] Teutschland.
17. [Pomerania and Brandberg] Marck Brandenberg und Herz Pommern.
18. [Prussia] Das Koenigreich Preussen.
19. [Westphalia] Westphaelische Kreis.
20. [Lower Saxony] Niedersaechsische Kreis.
21. [Upper Saxony] Die Obersaechischen Kreises Sudlicher Theil.
22. [Bohemia] Bohmen, Schlesien, Maehren und Lausiz.
23. [Upper and Lower Rhine] Ober und Niederrheinsche Kreis.
24. [Franconia] Fraenkische Kreis.
25. [Bayern] Der Baiersche Kreis.
26. [Swabian Circle] Der Schwaebische Kreis.
27. [The Austrian Circle] Der Oestreichsche Kreis.
28. [Poland] Polen.
29. [Turkey in Europe] Turkische Reich in Europa.
30. [Russia] Russische Reich.
31. [Russia in Europe] Russische Reich in Europa.
32. [Crimea and Ukraine] Krim oder Taurien.
33. [Africa] Africa.
34. [Asia]Asien.
35. [Turkey in Asia] Turkei in Asien.
36. [Iran] Persien.
37. [China] Chinesische Reich.
38. [Southeast Asia] Ost Indien.
39. [The Pacific Rim] Laender und Inseln des Stillen Weltmeeres.
40. [Americas] America.
41. [The United States] Die XIII vereingte Staaten von Nord America.
42. [The Caribbean] West Indien.