Nicolas Dobree

(1678 - 1751)

On the island of Guernsey, there is a memorial to the Dobrée family, including this eulogy “To the Memory of Monsieur Nicolas Dobrée Who filled with great Objects of Religion and sincere Piety, was a good Husband, a good Father, a good Master, faithful & generous Friend. This zealous Citizen gave his care to the safety of Navigation, to the Perfection of the Port, and to the Erection & Establishment of the Hospital of this City, of which he was until his death the main support. Abundant in Charity & contributing with all his power to the happiness of his Fatherland, he looked at Heaven as the one to which he should aspire; by adjoining, with a humble confidence of the Divine goodness a happy Imortality He died on the 18th of November 1751 Aged 73 Years”.