Young dealers target museums

The young dealers committee of Tefaf is trying a novel way to encourage new collectors. “The fair is one generation old, and that generation is still very much involved. For the fair to evolve, it needs to attract more young dealers and young buyers,” says Daniel Crouch, one of the six members of the committee, which is in its second year and is chaired by Fabrizio Moretti, of Moretti Art Galleries. “We want to bring in more people who are familiar with our world and the diverse material we sell, but who don’t necessarily come to the fair. We realised that, with the increasing professionalisation of fundraising at museums and libraries, there is a resource that can be marshalled,” Crouch says.

The committee intends to build a database of institutional development directors to pursue possible partnerships: “A lot of development directors have very good contacts with potential donors, and they are looking to offer them something. We can provide free tickets and tours of the fair.” Crouch, whose gallery, Daniel Crouch Rare Books, specialises in maps and atlases, says young dealers like him should be hopeful. “There are lots of fields that are not covered as well as Old Masters and contemporary by the auction houses; these are areas of expertise where dealers can add value – we just need to find innovative ways to do so.” C.B.