Neumann's caricature map of Europe
By NEUMANN, Arnold , 1870

Humoristische Kaart van Europa im Jahre 1870.

Continent of Europe Europe
  • Author: NEUMANN, Arnold
  • Publication place: Berlin
  • Publisher: Georg Schreyer & Co.
  • Publication date: 1870.
  • Physical description: Chromolithograph map.
  • Inventory reference: 1643


A German separate-issue caricature map of Europe, satirising the political situation by caricaturing the countries with figures. England, sitting on a woolsack, watches France and Germany square up, waving a flag of neutrality but sending arms to France; Germany holds France by the back of his trousers, while Austria lies in wait; Italy plays with the Pope; Turkey lies in repose, smoking a pipe, oblivious to its decline, but Russia, with a banner with ‘Eastern Question’ in one hand, waits for the opportunity to take a slice of the Crescent Moon.