Faden's reduction of Delarochette map of South America
By FADEN, William , 1811

Colombia Prima or South America Drawn from the Large Map in Eight Sheets By Louis Stanislas D’Arcy Delarochette.

America South America
  • Author: FADEN, William
  • Publisher: London, Published by W[illia]m Faden Geographer to His Majesty and to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Charing Cross
  • Publication date: March 1st, 1811.
  • Physical description: Large engraved map on two sheets, fine original outline hand-colour.
  • Dimensions: 1100 by 790mm (43.25 by 31 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 1085


Large and detailed map of South America published at the beginning of the continent’s struggle for independence from Spanish and Portuguese rule.

The map is a reduction of Louis Stanislas D’Arcy Delarochette’s large map of the continent on eight sheets. Delarochette (1731-1802) was a cartographer and engraver working in London, who produced maps for both the Bowles family and William Faden. This particular map would run through several editions throughout the nineteenth century, first bearing Faden’s imprint and later that of his successor James Wyld.

William Faden (1750-1836) began his career in cartography after taking over the business of Thomas Jefferys, a highly respected British mapmaker. Initially publishing under the name Faden and Jefferys, he followed his predecessor by specialising in maps of North America, resulting in the publication of a collection of them in the ‘North American Atlas’ in 1777. Twice honoured by the Royal Society for his work, he became Geographer to the King in 1783, and was chosen in 1801 to create and print the first of the Ordnance survey maps.