A tree sample book by André Thil, inspector of French forests
By THIL, André , 1904

Sections transversales de 120 especes de Bois par André Thiel Inspecteur des Eaux et Forets.

Natural History, Science & Medicine
  • Author: THIL, André
  • Publication place: Grêz-sur-Loing and Paris
  • Publisher: J. Tempère Micrographe, and Lucien Laveur
  • Publication date: 1904.
  • Physical description: Folio (320 by 240mm), 49 pages text and 6 plates in publisher's green cloth folio.
  • Inventory reference: 15296


Rare work containing cross sections of 120 species of wood.

In 1870, at the end of his two years of studies at the Imperial School of Forestry in Nancy , André Thil joined the régiment forestier de Paris , where he spent most of his career, holding various posts until his retirement in 1911.

André Thill was the author of two works on dendrology , containing cross-sections of wood together with their descriptions. The first published in 1895 contained 100 species indigenous to France; the second, the present work, contained 120 samples, which as well as native species, also contained exotic species from Japan, India, Australia, Reunion, Guinea and Central America.

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